C / C++

The wall clock project

Time flies so we always have to know it precisely. Plain old manually synchronized clocks are good but I’m tired of their inaccuracy and season based mandatory shift still not cleared EU wide. So I wanted to find a nice and handy wall clock without these drawbacks.

First, I went with DCF77 clocks but there is no strong enough signal inside the rooms here. I had a pet project to build an ESP controller based DCF77 transmitter just strong enough to cover my flat. Beyond the potential legal problems can be caused by a permanent 77.5 kHz radio transmitter, because of the lack of radio related knowledge this project was stopped after a while.

Finally, I found some nice internet based wall clocks on Ebay and Aliexpress so I bought a few. Later I noticed all of them were built on top of ESP microcontrollers. Great opportunities to customize. Right?